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Applications and Basic Properties of MS Office PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most famous presentation Program all over the world. It’s a package program of Microsoft office package. At first PowerPoint was a windows application only. Now this software is using in windows, mac and android. PowerPoint is mostly used application software in the field of presentation and publishing video and eBook.

Properties of PowerPoint

Slide: Slide is the individual work place of office PowerPoint. All the activities are held in a slide of PowerPoint.
Title: Title is a component of PowerPoint Cover page. The topics of the presentation is concern in this part.
Subtitle: Subtitle is also a component of PowerPoint main page. This component concern with the simple description of the Presentation.
Animation: Animation pan is the most attractive tool of PowerPoint. All the components can be decorated by animation tool.
Slide Show: Different format of showing slides is done by this tools. This tool is essential to show slide one after one in presentation.
Design: Design tool is essential to decorate one component. There are two types of design tool. One is Whole design tool and another is individual component design tool.
Format: Format tool helps to give appropriate shape of a special tool bar.

Application of Office PowerPoint

PowerPoint in Education: PowerPoint is most important in education sector. To present educational documentary and to take class Presentation is very helpful.
PowerPoint in Business: Business presentation done by PowerPoint. All the business related presentation of any department is depends on PowerPoint.
PowerPoint for House: This software may be used by the housewives. It may help to present educational and motivational things to children by PowerPoint.
PowerPoint in Governance and citizen services: To train the employee of governance and citizen PowerPoint present is must in this age.
PowerPoint for Job Seekers: At present PowerPoint is using to present Curriculum Vitae for different jobs.
Microsoft PowerPoint in earning money: Presentation making is most important source of earning money. There are many job related to PowerPoint presentation making.

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