Alal Mahmud
Published (28 February 2018)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft Office Powerpoint

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Microsoft PowerPoint is the most famous presentation Program all over the world. It’s a package program of Microsoft office package. At first PowerPoint was a windows application only. Now this software is using in windows, mac and android. PowerPoint is mostly used application software in the field of presentation and publishing video and eBook. There are some advantages and disadvantages of ms powerpoint given below.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft Office Powerpoint

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Advantages of PowerPoint

Presentation Creation: PowerPoint is using to make Presentation by using different component like graph, text, picture, video etc.
Present Events: Office PowerPoint is the famous software of present information in different Program.
Video Making: PowerPoint document can be export as video format. This type of video is very helpful to understand.
Pdf Making: Pdf slides can easily be print as pdf format. Later this pdf file can print as hard copy by printer.
Picture making: Microsoft PowerPoint is a unique software of making picture using text, graph, table, shapes and other pictures. All the slides can be exported as a jpeg or png picture format.
Graphical Representation: By using table and sorting data graphical representation is an awesome component of PowerPoint.
Online Access: PowerPoint file can easily upload in internet as PPT format and this format is editable by another user and transferable.
Video Attachment: Video attachment in slide is most attractive feature of PowerPoint. This video easily can play in the time of presentation.
Audio Recognition: Presenter can add audio with every slide and every component if slide that later play with the component.
Automatic presentation: PowerPoint presentation can automatically play with audio instruction without human being.

Disadvantages of PowerPoint

PowerPoint have no more disadvantages but there are some disadvantages that is
Boredom and Fatigue: PowerPoint presentation contain huge information. It took many time to present information that may create a boredom and Fatigue feeling to the audience.
Counter effect: As the audience remain boredom and fatigue it may bring negative effect of presentation.

Alal Mahmud
Published (28 February 2018)

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