Alal Mahmud
Published (28 February 2018)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft Office Excel

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Microsoft office is a spreadsheet package program of that is used to store, analyze and retrieve data. Excel is most famous analyzing software in the world. It is a program of office package. There are some advantages and disadvantages of microsoft office excel given below.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft Office Excel

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Advantages of Office Excel

Data Organization: It is very easy to organize data in Microsoft office excel. Data can be organized in systematically. This data is very easy to analyze.
Easy and effective comparisons: Comparison among organized data is very easy. By using various formula data can compare within short time and cost.
Powerful analysis of large amounts of data: Basically Microsoft excel is very essential to analyze large amount of data within short time and low labor.
Manipulation: Entered data easily can be manipulated any time. If we write anything in paper, it will not be erased. But Excel sheet capable of change listed data.
Working Together: In online excel many user can work together in a worksheet. It is most dynamic task of Microsoft excel in this age.
Microsoft Excel Mobile & iPad Apps: For increasing rate of smartphone user, Microsoft launched their android and iPad Apps for the user. One can easily insert and manipulate data and use this data in any device.
Formula and Calculation Features: Formula and functions of calculation make Microsoft office excel easy, dynamic and comfortable.
Use conditional formatting: To get accurate result using condition excel is unique. From inserted data, it is very easy to get conditional output.
Build great charts: Graphical representation of huge data is another advantage of office excel. Data can be easily represented through different types of graph and charts.

Disadvantages of Office Excel

Cost of Entry: Calculation of data is very easy in excel but it is very hard work to insert data preliminarily. Because we have to entry all the data individually that is high cost involve.
Time Consuming: Data indexing is time consuming too. Huge data indexing may take huge time and all the data must entry as raw material.
Calculation Errors: Data calculation in excel may be wrong. Because data are inserted by the human being that may occurs wrong input that is the result of wrong calculation.
Steep Learning Curve: Excel operation is very hard. So, everyone can not use office excel without training.
Not easy to share: Excel data and calculated result not easy to share to others. Excel worksheet is not capable of sharing in internet.

Alal Mahmud
Published (28 February 2018)

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