Alal Mahmud
Published (06 February 2018)

Uses and application of Microsoft office excel

Microsoft office is a spreadsheet package program of that is used to store, analyze and retrieve data. Excel is most famous analyzing software in the world. It is a program of office package. There are some application software in Microsoft office package like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, OneNote, Outlook etc. Every program have their different application. From these Word, Excel and PowerPoint is most essential in everywhere.

Uses and application of Microsoft office excel

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Administrative Functions

Office excel is mostly used to perform administrative work. It helps to calculate and analyze large administrative data.

Household Application

Now a days excel is using to make daily household activities more easy and reliable. Household use increase because of inventing android and mac apps of Microsoft Office.

Psychological and others research

Office excel helps to store general data of research component and helps to find out simple Mean, Median and Mood.

Educational Sector

Now all kinds of calculating tasks in educational sector are finishing through excel. Because it is easy and editable format of sorting data.

Engineering Sector

In manufacturing and engineering sector excel is commonly using software that is used to list measurement and to get result from these.

Business Farm

From small to big business firm use excel in their daily routine work. It is very helpful not only in sorting data but also in present these data as graphical view.

Government Office

Government office doing their calculative through excel. Without excel work time and labor become increase. There are some work that is impossible

There are some basic task of Microsoft Excel. They are -

Storing Data

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program used to store and retrieve numerical data in a grid format of columns and rows.


The main task of excel is that it is very easy to manipulate inserted data as own wishes at any time.


Main task of excel is to calculate sorted data by using some formula and function. It is using basically in a large data calculation.

Alal Mahmud
Published (06 February 2018)

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