Alal Mahmud
Published (22 March 2017)

Sports and some importance of sports in our daily life

Sport is an important source of entertainment at present age. We enjoy sports in both way play and see. It is very important to our mental and physical health. Sports is such a way of refreshment that can remove your boring situation easily. We remain free in the time of enjoying sport. Beside these sports is a great source of physical exercise that help us to keep our health sound.

Sports and some importance of sports in our daily life

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Why sports is important? Sports is important in our everyday life for several point of views. It is beneficial to one's mental and physical health. Besides these sports is also essential for a good social interaction and international relation throughout the world and it is a great source of entertainment.

Mental health : Sports are very important to our mental health. Because, our mental health depends on other biological and psychological activities in our everyday life. Sports is an important source of refreshment. It helps us to reduce our daily boring of typical routine work. It is a great source of entertainment that is most important to our mental health and to our all activities. It also help us to reduce tension and depression from our everyday life.

Biological benefits : sports are very beneficial to our biological activities. It is a good source of physical exercise. Regular habit of sports can make one's body fit and attractive. Through regular physical exercise our blood presser can keep in a normal position. Exercise increase our body's blood circulation that is essential to a healthy metabolism of food, healthy brain and nervous function, good function of glands and all kinds of biological activities.

Psychological significance : Biological importance is also related to psychological factors. Because our brain is not out of our body and biological organs. A sound biological function of organism can give a healthy psychological stability. For example, a good blood circulation can give a good brain function that is the main focus of psychology. Besides these, proper sleep that is important to keep one's temper in good position by controlling blood pressure. After all, a healthy biological function is essential for good thinking and good memory activities.

Physical health : Sports is very important to our physical fitness and overall physical health. By playing sports one can get a healthy muscle that is important to get a handsome look and sound health. sports is very essential to leave sweat. Sweat is essential to release unexpected molecules from tissues of human body.

Relation between physical and mental health : You may ask, what is the relation between mental and physical health? Metal health and physical condition is closely related to each other. For example, one is not physically fit, he always remain frustrated and he suffer from underestimation about own self that is not good for mental health. Beside these physical disability or physical illness can affect one's mental health.

Social activities : Sports is a good source of build up good social relationship. One can get a good social touch through sports. It can remove one's loneliness and can give more and more friend. Sports can make one more social extroverted that is important to get natural peace. From sports one can engage with other social activities that is very important point of social relation. It may be the best way of share one's personal boring moment with society.

Way of good international relation : Now sports is not only practice in national boundary but also international. There are many international organization around the world based on sports like international cricket council (ICC), Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and The International Olympic Committee (IOC). These organizations organize many international tournament that make a good relation between several countries and nation. This relation is very important to other sectors of international relation.

Prevention from divert to harmful path : Present time is very challenging to the world. Some people are going to wrong way out of the society like terrorism. It causes for the lack of social interaction. Sports can play a vital role to solve this problem. It can prevent young generation to go on any wrong path.

Overall, a sportsman is a real hero in his personal life. They lead a healthy life with good social interaction and people's love.

Alal Mahmud
Published (22 March 2017)

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