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Published (15 March 2017)

Top 10 most popular newspapers and medias in the world

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There are many popular news media in the world who connect the world at 24 hours. These news media collect news from the different parts of the world and supply to us. These medias are important to world's politics, economy and other factors. After the development of information technology these medias have become more popular than previous time. We can get world news through these media within a short time. Let's know about the most popular news medias of the world.

Top 10 most popular newspapers and medias in the world

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BBC (British broadcasting) : British broadcasting is one of the famous news media in the world. BBC publish news in different languages throughout the world. It telecast news through radio, television and newspaper in all over the world. BBC is a news agencies of Britain. BBC established in 18 October 1922. British government is the owner of this famous news.

CNN (cable news network) : CNN is a basic cable news network publish from united stats of america. CNN means cable news network. They telecast news through satellite across the world. It is a news media of Turner Broadcasting System. The cable news network launched Eastern Time on June 1, 1980. The headquarter of this famous media is in CNN Center,
Atlanta, Georgia.

Aljazeera : Aljazeera is a satellite television network based on doha. Aljazeera is a news media of quater and funded by the state. This channel broadcast news throughout the world. There are many sister channel of al jazeera like- Al Jazeera English, Al Jazeera Mubasher, Al Jazeera Balkans, Al Jazeera Türkand Al Jazeera Documentary Channel. It is owned by Al Jazeera Media Network, Doha, Qatar and official language is arabic. Al jazeera launched on 1 November 1996 and its headquarter is located at Doha, Qatar.

AP (Associated press): Associated press is a famous news media of united states of america. associated press is a non profitable and cooperative multinational news agencies of usa.

This was established on May 22, 1846. Associated press's headquarter is located in new york, USA. All news media funded for AP. Associated press publish news through all over the world.

AFP (Agence France-Presse): AFP is a famous international news agencies of france. AFP was established in 1944. Its headquarter is located at paris, france.

AFP publish news in French, English, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, and German languages. They have many regional office in 150 countries of the world. Agence france press is the third largest news agencies of the world after Associated press (AP) and Router.

Fox news : Fox news is a america based satellite news channel. Fox news was launched on October 7, 1996. It is owned by Fox News Group.

There are many sister channel of fox news like- Fox Business Network, Fox Broadcasting Company, Sky News, Sky News Australia and Sky TG24. Fox news broadcast news through radio, television and online.

The sunday times : The sunday times is a famous and best selling newspaper in united kingdom. Sunday times established on 18 February 1821 by henry white in london.

News UK is the owner of this famous daily newspaper. Sunday times publish news on entertainment, sports, international, national and others. The times has also a epaper. Sunday times basically an oldest print media of the world.

The independent : The independent is the top online newspaper of London. The independent publish news through website. Alexander Lebedev and Evgeny Lebedev are the owner of this famous daily newspaper of UK.

Its headquarter is located in london. Independent publish news on news, politics, voices, culture, business, lyfestyle and football. The independent was founded on October 7, 1986.

VOA news : The voice of america is a national news agencies of america who publish news in Asia, Africa, Europe and middle east.

Broadcasting Board of Governors is the owner of this famous newspaper of america. The voice of america was founded on February 1, 1942. VOA's headquarter is located at Washington DC, united states.

The middle east monitor (MEMO) : Middle east monitor is a famous newspaper that focus on the middle east. Middle east monitor focused during the Israel Palestine conflict.

It was founded on 1 July 2009. Middle east monitors headquarter is located in London, united kingdom. Their main focus on the translate and monitoring other medias of the world.

Alal Mahmud
Published (15 March 2017)

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