Alal Mahmud
Published (21 December 2016)

You all need to be aware of your health and safety

Food is very important element for leading life but unhealthy and wastage food are very harmful for human beings. Food gives us proper energy, vitamin, mineral and heat that is must for human being. In this time our food are being sophisticated but unhealthy. Some violent businessman use harmful chemical on food that is alarming for health. Beside this our farmer is not qualified about the use of chemical on food for good cultivation. So, we need to be aware of food because it is most important for a sound body and sound mind.

You all need to be aware of your health and safety

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Which requires for good health

"Health is wealth " goes the very well- known proverb. So some rules follow for good health. These are 1. Everyday two times walking 2. Taking balanced diet 3.Early rising 4. At least required 6 hours sleeping everyday 5. Mental soundness 6. Regular physical exercise 7. At least 4 liters drink of water everyday 8. Proper sanitation system 9. To follow some health tips 10. To increase public awareness Health.

Some quality food

To keep our body fit we should make a habit of taking good quality food. There are some quality food like Fruits and Berries(Apples, Bananas, Blueberries etc), eggs, meats, Nuts, Seeds and Peanuts(Almonds, Chia seeds, Coconuts etc), Vegetables, Fish and Seafood, Grains, Breads, Dairy, Fats and oil etc that will help you to keep your body sound and keep your mind fresh. These healthy food help our body to protect from various diseases. These food give us enough vitamin, energy and all kinds of essential elements that is needed for our body.

Disadvantages of harmful food:

The problem of harmful food in our body is dangerous. Which are stale and musty food etc mostly trouble us. If we eat any poison, it may destroy our biological capability that is dangerous to human beings. We feel sick and sometimes it called Food Poison. So, We need to take care of this poisonous food. Beside these unhealthy and unhygienic food may destroy many important portion of human body. It may create many alarming diseases that result to death. Most of the cancer are cause from the harmful food and unhealthy food habit.

Be careful about food:

Food is the main part of health. Junk food is harmful for good health. Good food is need for good health. Food poisoning is most alarming problem for human body. Food remains very testy when it's cooked well. Every man like testy food. Bad foods creates disease and it attacks human body.Foods are needed for every person. Pure food is essential for human. So, we should take healthy and pure food that will help us to keep our body sound and our mind joyful that are most important factors of living.

Alal Mahmud
Published (21 December 2016)

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