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Published (21 December 2016)

Ways to use the internet to communicate and internet uses

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Internet is a common word in our daily life. It is quite difficult to find a people who did not hear this word "internet". Internet is an abstract world but our everyday's physical activities are mostly depending on it. From our personal life to professional life internet is an important part. The sphere of use internet is beyond describe. Internet have made our life so easier and faster than previous time. So we should know about the internet and different aspects of internet because without proper knowledge of internet you remain fool and you can not get a good job or build up a good career in present age.

Ways to use the internet to communicate and internet uses

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Ways of using internet

For using internet we can use a mobile or a computer. if we use computer, we will need a modem for the Internet connection. And we can use internet on our mobile. For that we only need a sim on our mobile.

we have to turn on the internet connection and open a browser on our phone or computer. Without these wifi connection is being more popular now a days.

You should have a broadband connection and a router for wifi network. You can use both mobile and laptop internet by wifi connection. You can not use internet with wifi connection with desktop.

Advantages of internet

Internet is a very needed now a days. Through internet we can do complete all of our work easily. We can buy products on internet by ecommerce, buy ticket on internet and make a communication with our distance friends easily.

Beside these internet is mostly use for the marketing of different types of business's product or service.

The uses of internet in the field of education, business, national and international activities make our life more easy, comfortable and fast. We can almost do all of thinks through internet. We can easily understand the uses of internet from or life.

Disadvantages of internet

In spite of huge advantages of internet has huge disadvantages also. disadvantage of Internet are given below.

Virus,Trojan and other malware. virus destroy many important documents. for this people suffer so much. Through these harmful viruses many important website and information are being hacked that is unexpected.

Leakage of private information : for leakage of private information people suffer so much. The security of internet is so low.

Sometimes our valuable information have expressed that is alarming for a person even for a country or institute. After all addiction to Internet makes our physical life experience so weak.

Difference between the Internet and the reality

There are a noticeable difference between internet and reality. Internet is just a virtual world that you can not touch or can not use like real life.

We can perceive internet through our iconic and echoic sense organ where we perceive our real life through all sense organ. There are some difference between internet and reality are given below:

1.Reality is the real fact which see or relies man directly but Internet is a kind of Web which use to browse in different electrical device.

2. Reality is offline system but internet is online system. But reality is mostly depends on internet.

3.reality is continues processes but internet is not continues processes it may stop any certain or uncertain time.

Harry Potter
Published (21 December 2016)

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