Contribution of nature in human life

William Smith
Published (06 November 2016)

Contribution of nature to human life is beyond description. Human lead his whole life span in Nature. Human are so combine with the nature. One should know about the nature before knowing about the human. Human comes through the roles of nature and mixed with too. Through the whole life span human are fully dependent on the gift of nature. Human take food, entertainment, shelter, energy and Unsophisticated peace from the nature.

Contribution of nature in human life

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Important element

Nature is consist of some elements that is the most important and basic element of all elements of environment. Soil, air, water and fire are the main elements of nature.

Without these tree, sky, cloud, river, sea is the secondary elements. All these elements are important to live of human and other animal.

Peace or entertainment

Nature gives us an unsophisticated peace and entertainment. When we remain boor we try to get the touch of nature.

Because human and nature are engaged to each others. When we go in a sea coast our mind remain so big like sea that bring a unsophisticated peace.

Contribution of nature in human life

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Foods or vitamin

Food and vitamin are the most important elements of human life. To live in the world Food is must because it is the driving force of all biological activities of human body.

Food is the primary need of a man than anything. We get food from the nature through different way. We eat meat, fish, rice and different kinds of fruits that directly comes from the nature. Besides these all kinds of industrial food also comes from the nature indirectly.


Money is the value of any transaction of life. We get money from the nature indirectly. At present time many kinds of entertainment park are established through the world.

In this way many employment are create and earn a lot of money. People produce many vegetable and fruit in nature that make money. Nature give a perfect life with peace, money and entertainment to human.

Contribution of nature in human life

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Mineral resources

Mineral resources is important resources of nature that make human life easier and faster. Mineral resources like fuel, petrol, gold, oil and other ironic materials are the driving force of the world.

We produce electricity from petrol or fuel. At present time electricity is also produce from the sun shine through solar panel that are used to personal use and industrial use of human life.

At last we can say that nature is the bless of god for human and other animal.

Contribution of nature in human life

Image By William Smith

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