William Smith
Published (01 December 2016)

To acquire the right knowledge you need to do

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We gain knowledge from different source that all are not pure or right. To gain right knowledge we should do some work. Knowledge don't means the only academic education. It might be collected from non academic source. Right knowledge is the knowledge that are used to help the people not for the violence. A right people with the right knowledge can identify what is right or wrong. So we need to do something to acquire knowledge.

 To acquire the right knowledge you need to do

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Let's look at yourself

"Know thy selves" its a speech of early Greek philosopher socrates. He believed that it is more difficult to know own personality than others. I am also agree with his opinion. It is very important to know about our qualities, needs, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

If we don't understand our own personality, we will not understand others feelings, needs, thoughts, personality and emotions that are very important to be a perfect. so, it is must to learn more and more about morality and psychology because it may fulfill our education.

Quality education:

Education may help us to expend our knowledge but it can not give right knowledge without quality education. Quality education means proper education with morality and it must be realistic in use. We should read more news about national and international events.

We must learn practical use of our learned lesson that will make us perfect. We should not depend on only our vocational learning. We should learn extra helpful book to learn quality education.

Select the right people

We should have identify right people to gain right knowledge. Because human are highly influenced by the behavior of other people and the society. But it is a matter of regarded that most of the people of our society are not good.

We can not acquire right knowledge from such people. We should build up a good relation with perfect intelligence people that will help us to gain more knowledge. We can get a good environment of gaining knowledge with a good intelligence person.

Come near to nature

Nature is only pure thing of the world that can give us an unsophisticated peace and pure learning that change our behavior in a novel way. Nature give us learning of being novel and great. Its free environment help us to think about own smallness. We can see the greatness of sea that give us knowledge.

Its the perfect knowledge that help us to prevent thinking about own overestimation that is very harmful for personality and a big barrier to acquire right knowledge. We can see the lifestyle of famous person who had a quite relation with the nature. So,it is important to come near to nature to gain right knowledge.

Good Practice:

Practice is an important part of learning. Because human brain is naturally used to forgetting information. We gain knowledge this term means that we gather information, we memorize information or we gain any experience.

To gather any information it is most important to do more and more practice. Because our brain store any information through the repeated rehearsal of any information. So we should practice this information in our practical life that will help us to store this information permanently and make a change in behavior.

Know about the world

One should know about the world so much to acquire right knowledge. You should read more and more newspaper that will give you a clear indication about the present and past world.

You can also know about the history of human being that will give a awareness of future activities. If you have more information about the world, you can verify what is right or wrong. It is the main motive of learning, education and gaining knowledge.

William Smith
Published (01 December 2016)

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