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Published (21 December 2016)

You have to know how to always stay happy and blessed

We all desire of happiness. Happiness means the peaceful feelings of mind. But mind is affected by the interaction of body and other physical organ. So it is very important to fulfill some needs primarily. Because peace comes from the fulfillment of any need. Sometimes happiness also comes from the sacrifice of a things for anyone. So, it may be said that there are no exact definition of happiness. We may define happiness as the fulfill of expectation.

You have to know how to always stay happy and blessed

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Create your own

To be always happy in all sectors of life you should create your own. If you copy others lifestyle, work and other characteristics you can not get satisfaction of your work.

Without these you can not prove yourselves without your own creation or innovation. You can feel happy with your creative idea and work.

After all, you will success in life with your creativity and own performance that will bring you a unsophisticated peace. So, try to create your own, i hope it will give you more happiness.

Economic freedom

Economic freedom is such a factor that is most important to be happy. If you have not enough money to lead your life, you will not be happy. Happiness is a mental process that is affected by all biological factors too.

For example you are suffering from hunger for two days or you have suffering from fever for two days, generally you can not remain mentally happy. This term are identified as psycho physics in psychology.

It refer the relation between body and mind. You can not lead your every day life without tension. Economic inadequacy create a tension of lack of physical security and lack of entertainment that is essential to be happy. So, you should ensure your economic freedom to be happy.

Physical fitness

Physical fitness is an important fact for happiness. There are many people who are suffering from depression for their physical unfitness. One can not be fully happy with a unfit body.

Fitness means a sound and good looking body. Your body must be healthy to be happy. So, we should have some work and taking good food for good health.

Beside these a sick body is responsible for many mental disorder that is responsible for unhappiness. So, we should take healthy food and wear clean and clear dress to become happy.

Peace of mind

I have already mentioned that happiness means the peace of mind. It is an abstract fact that can not be touch or see just we can feel it. You should do some work that can give you mental peace.

This peace comes from the satisfaction of mind. It is depends on the situation of expectation. Sometimes you should go to outside of the work place to get mental peace. We can do many novel activities that can give us an unsophisticated peace of mind.

Most important fact of get peace is sacrifice. You can not be happy without sacrifice. You should do positive thinking that will reduce all mental difficulties from your life. So, it may be say that wisdom of happiness and some effort can give you mental peace.

Welfare work

Welfare work is a way of keep yourself busy. You can get a positive feedback from others that will give you mental peace through different welfare work.

You will get more happiness from these types of work. For example, donation to various orphanage, donation for the education of poor children, different public welfare work, work for the street boy and work as a volunteer of any natural climate.

After all any kinds of welfare work for the humanity will give you more mental satisfaction that is most important to become happy.

Harry Potter
Published (21 December 2016)

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