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Published (10 November 2016)


The important components of success in student life

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Student life is the golden period of life. students have some work that make a student perfect like study, money, food, journey, entertainment, relation, sports and prayer. All these work should maintain equally to reach at the goal. I will try to describe some important component of student life that can give a perfect interest of student life.

The important components of success in student life

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Study is the first and most important component of a student. Students should study for good result and gain knowledge. Students must have study academic and nonacademic book through the whole study life. Who study hard in his student life he become successful in professional life. A vast proportion of time of student life are lost behind study. It is the main duty of the students.


Money is the basic need of a student. Lots of money are cost for the study. In primary and secondary level family bear the cost of study. But in higher study level students should bear own educational cost. It is happen in middle class family. It is the important component of student life.

The important components of success in student life

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Through the whole study life students should maintain different types of relation. It may be family relation and out of the family like teacher-student relation and relation with classmates.

In family relationship student should maintain relation with parents, family members, neighbors and other paternal -maternal relatives. It is most important part of life.


Prayer is consist in the religious activities. It is very important to a student. Prayer gives a man mental peace and physical soundness. Prayer is related to a psychological factor meditation.

During prayer a person remain apart from the business. It give mental fulfillment that assign to the study. After all religious activities give lesson of humanity.

The important components of success in student life

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Students should play sports and exercise. Exercise keep our body fit and mind remain fresh. Through the physical exercise biological activities of body like blood circulation increase.

As a result brain and other organ perform better. Students lost lot of time behind sports that is necessary. Educational institution also organize many spots competition for the students. Its an important component of student life.


Entertainment is the recreation of mind. Every people must have entertainment in everyday life. Because it keeps mind fresh. Students need more entertainment that helps to increase attraction of study.

Sometimes it is seen that students become mentally depressed that result from the boring on study and luck of entertainment. So, educational institution arrange different form of entertainment for the students like sports, study tour and live concert. Entertainment is must for all of the people.

The important components of success in student life

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Mimi Akter
Published (10 November 2016)

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