Mimi Akter
Published (09 November 2016)

How to prepare for your future | preparation for my life

The important components of success in student life

Men born into the world with a mind like blank slate. Then he will become adult as experience from family and society. If he experience a good environment he will grow up with good mentality and If he does not experience a good environment he will grow up with a bed mentality that is unexpected for anyone. I will give some key term in this article that is important to prepare yourself as a good person.

How to prepare for your future | preparation for my life

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Family education

Family is the initial and very important institute of a man. Human get the education of morality and norm from family. Ideology of a man is build up on the basis of his family.

So, family should become aware of this factor. Family should make a constant form of behavior that help children to understand what is right or wrong. If we do negative and positive both response in same behavior children cant understand what is right or wrong.

This conception about right and wrong create a permanent change in ones behavior. After all the behavior of the members of family affect ones behavior. So, family education is very important to a person.

Religious education

Religion is the most important way of social control. Because religion give a guideline that what is right or wrong. If a man abide by the roles of a religion he can not do any wrong work.

Every religion is very important to create a public opinion. Religious education identify some work that is called taboo. Man can not do anything as his wise because of taboo that create from the religious education and believe.

education learn a person mankind, honesty, humanity, gratefulness, politeness and all other novel behavior. After all proper religious education can make a man perfect with all novel characteristics.

Academic education

Academic education means the institutional education. It is very important to a person. Academic education help a man to become social. People can gain knowledge about country and world and learn about the history and science.

Academic education make a man intelligence and learn about the roles and regulation. Academic education make a man realistic. Academic education create an internal norm in ones behavior.

National knowledge

National education means the learn about own nation. Learning about the national monument, national important days, national history, national politics, own language, national resources, national problem, national geography and society.

Through the national knowledge a man become Patriotic. He can not so any harmful work against the country and people. Through the proper knowledge about own nation one can lead your nation perfectly. It is very important to know about own nation to become a right man.

International knowledge

Like national knowledge international knowledge is also very important. More knowledge about the world can help to get success in life. After all in this stage it is must to know about the international politics, financial condition, international relation, international problem, international language, history, international geography and technology. Because it is the age of globalization and technology that makes the world too short.

Try your own

You can do anything if you want and do work as your want. You should give effort to become a right man. Because it is very hard to became a good and perfect man. This way of success is full of difficulties. So, you should give more effort on this with patience.

Mimi Akter
Published (09 November 2016)

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