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Published (27 March 2017)

Photography and types and tips of photography for beginners

Our time is being passed but photography take our important moments that is remain fresh in mind. Beside this photography is using for different essential purpose. It has become a good profession in this age. The demand of photography is rising increasingly in different sectors of our life. Photography has a wide professional scope that make our interest about photography. Let's know about some types and tips about photography.

Photography and types and tips of photography for beginners

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Photography : Photography is an art of capture durable image from the environment. It may taken by a camera or other scientific devices like ultrasound, x-ray etc. It is used in all fields of human life. Now a days it has become a big industry.

Photographer : Photographer is a person who stop any movement of environment as his own choice. Some one take photography as their profession. They get money or salary for photography and someone do photography as their hobby. A professional photographer may be employed for newspaper, company, a wedding party or any photography farm.

Professional photographer : Their are many professional photographer in the world have become famous by their photography. Their photography can woke up people minds in different events that carry out a message across the world. Some of them are wedding and entertainment related photographer. They record many memorable moment of ones life that is very charming, joyful and heart touching.

Photography for beginners : Photography is a very curious fact to the beginners. Many young guys wants to do photography as a profession or as a hobby. They did not have enough experience on photography that make them nervous. So, beginners should have some basic ideas about photography that will give them positive reinforcement for good performance.

Photo poses : Photo poses are very important for a good steel photography. Because these poses make picture more attractive and demand-able. These angle and poses get a perfect and desirable look for the model of the photography. For the female model these poses gives a good femininity look that is most desirable for the people.

Photo shoot : Photo shoot is a way of taking steel photo from an event. photographer take more shoot continuously to get the best picture from these shoot. Usually photo shoot is taken for the model. Photo shoot is taken both in studio and outdoor field. The model is not only a man it may become a product or animal. Photographer should know enough poses to get best shoot.

Photography and types and tips of photography for beginners

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Head shot : Head shot is a specific way of taking shot of a person for the promotion. Head shots are typically medium close-up (MCU)photographs which show the top of the shoulders up to above the head. In a typical head shot the eyes will be in the top, middle half of the photo according to the rule of third.

Head shot is use in entertainment industry for television, models, singers and actors, in modeling industry for modeling portfolio, advertisement of beauty products, online magazine portfolio and website portfolio and use in corporate and business for company portfolio, about us page on website, facebook profile photo, press release and article.

Photography tips : There are some tips for photography that will help your to generate more and more photography ideas.
1. imagine your camera's display in third partition then keep your targeted thing on left or right portion of display.

2. Avoid Camera Shake or blur position. You should hold your camera in exact position by targeting a building or tree that will help you to avoid shake or blur position.

3. You should Create a Depth sense about your targeted thing.

4. One should use simple background. because a bright background may effect original focused area. A simple background can give a perfect look for picture.

5. Usually we use flash for good quality photo but it is not suitable for all situation. You should not use flash for a portraits in indoor situation. It may affect your portrait and seem unnatural.

6. Set proper ISO level. It determine how sensitive your lens in light and colorful situation.

Photojournalism : Photo journalism is an attractive profession. Photo journalism is a challenging profession too. It is a one kinds of journalism where one collect image of untold and mysterious events. Photo journalist is more demand-able in many photo magazine. Photo journalist is necessary to online newspaper, print media, photo journal and television. Some photo that remain ever fresh and heart touching. A photography can raise our emotional feelings within a moment.

Types of photography : There are different professional types of photography. These types work in different aspect and different field. Every field of professional photography are demand-able and one can easily build up a good profession on these field.

Wedding photography : Wedding photography is a branches of photography that capture best moments of ones life. Wedding photography is very common in all kinds of wedding party. It is the best way of collect delightful moment of ones life. Some romantic poses of bridge and groom can make wedding photography more attractive. Wedding photography is work in a will design environment so pictures remain more attractive.

Art photography : Art photography is a types of photography where artist capture photo with his perception and express artists emotion with others through art photography. Art photography is contrast with photojournalism that is publish in any photo magazine or journal.

Portrait photography : portrait means the capture of photo of ones personality. portrait photography may be in individual person or in a group of people. There are used three types of light for a portrait photography. key light placed to one side of the subject's face, between 30 and 60 degrees off center and a bit higher than eye level. fill light the fill-in light is used to control the contrast in the scene and is nearly always placed above the lens axis and is a large light source and back light from the back part of subject to divide background from person.

Landscape photography : Landscape photography is related to environment. Landscape photography usually focus on the environmental factors sometimes may be man made structures that destroy nature.

Food photography : Food photography is the photography of shot photo of foods for any article or magazines. It is essential to capture image of food as soon as possible after cooking of making and camera angle is very important to food photography.

Newborn photography : Newborn photography means baby photography after birth. Newborn photographer capture photos of kids portraits. It is very attractive types of photography.

Photography and types and tips of photography for beginners

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Wildlife photography : Wildlife means the lives of natures and wildlife photography means the photography of animals of natures and their habitat. Wildlife photography is a challenging form of professional photography. Photographers may face dangerous situations to capture wildlife images.

Maternity photography : Maternity photography is related to Pregnancy photography. Maternity photography capture good moments of maternity period of female. It may remind this important situation to a mothers. This types of images may portrait of normal.

Candid photography : A photography taken from a situation without any poses is called candid photography. Candid photos is captured in the time of no readiness of the persons. It is a natural way of taking pictures.

Glamour photography : Glamour photography is the latest branches of digital photography. It capture model and couples photos in a fashion mode with attractive pose. Glamour photography is used to create models portfolio. This photography is also used for branding products and promotion of movies and fashion magazines.

Architecture photography : Architecture photography means capture photos of building and similar things. Architectural photographers take photo of subject from exact point of views that can be used unique design. Architectural photography may be interior or exterior.

Still life photography : Still life photography is related to the photography of the object that can not be move. Still life photography is used to capture pictures of any products or motionless objects. For example, a picture of food.

Amateur photography : Amateur photography is a famous weekly photo journal of united kingdom. They publish best quality photo and printing quality is also very good. Amateur photography has a huge stock of unique and exclusive photo of different subjects.

Photography and types and tips of photography for beginners

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Alal Mahmud
Published (27 March 2017)

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