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Basic introduction and details about types of psychology

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Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and mental process. We may define psychology as the science of mind. Different psychologist define psychology as their own experience.

What is psychology

When we want to know what is psychology, we think psychology just the science of human mind. Psychology discuss not only mental process but also their emotion, feelings, perception, reasoning and thinking about the world.


Psychologist is a person who have enough knowledge about psychology. Psychologist have much research on different psychological phenomena. They counseling and give treatment on any kinds of psychological disorder.

From the early beginning of psychology psychologist developed psychology gradually. So, psychologist are most important to apply psychological treatment on human and animals.

Basic introduction and details about types of psychology

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Types of psychology

psychology do not discuss only the what people do. There are different types of psychology. These types of psychology is also called the branches of psychology.

Psychology work on these branches that are called the applied branches of psychology. There are given some branches of psychology that are very demand-full in 21st century.

Forensic psychology

Forensic psychology is the branch of psychology that focuses on the interaction between witness and psychology. Forensic psychology is related to courtroom and judicial facts.

When a witness experience any occurrence and give speech in court room it may be false unintentionally because of his wrong perception. So forensic psychology work on this problem and help to get right legal action of a person.

Counseling psychology

The branches of psychology that focuses on the maladjustment of mental and any others component. Counseling psychology discuss about the maladjustment of ones personal, professional, marital and educational phenomenon. Counseling psychologist try to reduce these types of mental difficulties by counseling. There are no medicine are used to counseling to solve these problem.

Basic introduction and details about types of psychology

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Biological psychology

Biological psychological psychology is a branches of psychology that discuss about the relationship between biological factors and the psychological phenomena. Biological psychology study how to biological facts like food, hunger, sex, sleep and hit affects psychological facts.


Neuroscience is a branches of psychology that focuses on the nervous system. Neurobiology focuses on the biological basis of behavior that comes from the previous person.

Some physical and mental characteristics are brings to ones offspring through gene. DNA(deoxyriboneuclic acid ) is the smallest part of gene. Neurobiology discuss about these facts.

Social psychology

Social psychology is a social branches of psychology that focuses how people live and interact in a society. Social psychology also discuss about the similarities and dissimilarities among societies. Social psychology notice how a persons behavior are affected by the social component like people, family, custom, taboo and religion.

Educational psychology

Educational psychology is a branches of psychology that is related to education, students, educational institute and learning technique. educational psychology work to enrich the capacity of educational system.

Educational psychologist work to keep students normal in behavior, give entertainment, give instruction to the teachers and make effective learning system that students feel comfort. Educational psychology being more essential in present century.

Criminal psychology:

Criminal psychology is a branches that work with crime and criminals. Criminal psychologist try to understand the reason of crime. Criminal psychology research why people are engaging in terrorism, what kinds of things motivate people to suicide booming.

After all criminal psychology work on the sentenced criminal to keep them mentally fit. In the time of global terrorism criminal psychology can play an effective role to protect the world.

Child psychologist

Child psychology focuses on the mental growth of the children. The British philosopher 'john lock' believed that a child born in the world with a mind like blank slate(tabula rasa in latin).

He believed that children experience determine what kind of adult he would become. So, child psychology try to create a good weather to grow a children with good mentality. Child psychology also work in different mental difficulties of children.

Basic introduction and details about types of psychology

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Industrial organizational psychology

Industrial organizational psychology is very important branches of psychology. As a result of more labor strick and reduce of production industrial organizational psychology have become more essential in industrially developed and developing countries of the world.

Industrial and organizational psychology work on labor, owner, materials and organizational work of a industry. IO psychologist try to understand labor mind from neutral position that help to prevent labor strick and increase production.

IO psychologist give indication to the management of organization that increase production and create good relation between labor and owner. IO psychologist play some experiment to labor and instrument that make comfort to work in a better mind that increase production.

Behavioral psychology

Behavioral psychology is a branches of psychology that focuses on the external behavior of human and animal. Behavioral psychology describe what kinds of elements affects the external behavior and what is the mechanism behind behavior. Behavioral psychologist describe the cause effect relationship between behavior and mechanism.

Abnormal psychology

Abnormal psychology work on the abnormal behavior of human. When a persons behavior remain abnormal, abnormal psychologist give treatment to make it normal.

Abnormal psychology describe what is the reason of abnormal behavior and get solution of it. Abnormal psychology are being used from the ancient time through the world.

Psychology test

Psychologist make different test to measure behavior. It remain very interesting that measurement of behavior. To detect the problem of behavior and to get treatment psychologist use some scale that are used in psychological test. Through the test of psychology experimenter can realize the intensity of problem and solution of it.

Psychology careers

The career in psychology was lower in previous time. There are many careers in psychology at present. The jobs of psychology is being greater than previous year. In developed country psychologist have a good salary.

As the people are being financially enrich psychological need and problem are appear. From a school to big industry psychologist are essential. without these psychologist can give treatment and counsel in their personal firm. after all a good experience on psychology can help to get success in the career in psychology.

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Published (27 October 2016)

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