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Published (13 October 2016)

Different types of intimate, love relationships in the world

Formation and different types of family in sociology

Relationship is an important factor in human life. Passing through the whole life span human being involved in different types of relationship like friendship, love relationship, blood connection and marital relationship. Relationship is important to make a family. For example, marital and blood relationship is must to form a family.

Different types of intimate, love relationships in the world

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Different types of marital relationship

Marriage is a social factor that bind spouses in a relationship. There are different types marriage practicing all over the world.


Monogamy is a type of marriage in which a person get single marriage at a time. It may be two types Serial monogamy and non serial monogamy. Serial monogamy in which a men remarry When wife is divorced or death. Non serial monogamy is a type of marriage in which a person do not get remarried either death or divorce of partner.


When a men get more than one married at a time, it called polygamy marriage. This type of marriage is available in this present world.There are two types of polygamy marriage in the world.

They are sororal polygamy and non sororal polygamy. When a men marry two sister at a time its called sororal polygamy and a men marry other women at a time its called non sororal polygamy.


Polyandry is a type of marriage in which a women takes more than one husband at a time. There are two types of polyandry marriage. They are fraternal polyandry and non fraternal polyandry.

When a women share two brothers at a time its called fraternal polyandry and an women marry two men at a time who are not brothers, its called non fraternal polyandry.

Group marriage

When a group of men and women marriage themselves its called group marriage. In group marriage all members can set up sexual relationship among them. group marriage is legally permitted in some region of the world.

Child marriage

When an immature spouses get marry called child marriage. Child marriage is illegal in most country of the world.

Force marriage

When a marriage is held despite of the unacknowledged of a party is called force marriage. In force marriage, the marriage is not complete depend on mutual understanding. Force marriage is practicing some region of the world.

Love marriage

When a couple are acknowledged to get married as their own will is called love marriage. This couple must have a love relation for a love marriage.

Love marriage is most happened marriage all over the world. Because people want to marry a person whom he knew before marriage.

Arrange marriage

Arrange marriage is done by the choice of family members of both spouses. Spouse's opinion is must be considered in arrange marriage. Arrange marriage is the recognized way of marriage all over the world.

Court marriage

When a marriage is organized on the basis of common law of a state or country is called court marriage or common law marriage.

When there have been any conflict about the marriage it should complete this marriage on the basis of common law.

Walking marriage

When a men marry on the way and go away after sometimes its called walking marriage. It is rear in present world.

Trial marriage

When a couple wants to live together before getting marriage is called trial marriage. Exactly Trial marriage is not a marriage. In western country this type of trial marriage or live together happened sometimes.

Sexless marriage

When a sexless spouses get marry it called sexless marriage. In sexless marriage sexual relationship is ignored but mental relationship is emphasized.

Proxy marriage

When a marriage is happens in the absence of both spouse. In proxy marriage couple are not present in the time of marriage function.

Alal Mahmud
Published (13 October 2016)

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