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Published (09 October 2016)

Formation and different types of family in sociology

Different types of intimate, love relationships in the world

Family is the primary institute of a person. It is the smallest unit of society Where a person grow up. A person learn norm and behavior from his family. Then society affect on one's behavior. Peoples behavior is mostly affected by their relatives who lives in the same family.

Formation and different types of family in sociology

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Formation of family

A family is consist of some relationship. It may be based on blood connection or marital connection. A family should have some characteristics. The factors that is considered to create a family. If one don't follow this characteristics it can't be a family.

Intimate relationship

Intimate relationship means the relationship where all the members of the family loves each other. Because, to live in a family it is very essential.

Bridal relationship

Generally a family is originated from a bridal or marital relationship where spouses make a family. Then the family is increased through the birth of children. It may contain father, mother, sister, brother and other relatives.

Blood connection

Without marital relationship all the family member's should have blood connection to make a family. For example, brother, father, sister, mother etc. Most of the family of the world is made from the blood connection.

All these condition must be followed to make a family. There are some characteristics of family.
1. A family must be in a same place or house. some members may outside of the family. But it is essential to lead a family happily.
2. All the members in a family must have an intimate relationship.
3. Members in a family should bloody connected.
4. All the members in the family should co-operated to each others.
5. Family members should committed to each other to help in any troubles.
6. Helpfulness must have in the family.
7. Family must bear all accommodation cost of all the family members.
8. The family should have a chair person whom respect all the members.
9. All the member in the family share their income to operate their family.
10. All the family members should have respect among them.
All these characteristics should have in the family to lead perfectly.

Types of family in the world

There are different types of family in the world. All these types is different in different area of the world. These types are varies in different culture. Some types of the family remain peculiar because of its characteristics.

Nuclear family:

Nuclear family is a type of family where only spouses and children live together. In nuclear family there are one husband and one wife. Children grow up perfectly in this family.

Parents can take care of their children as their free will. Children take a good mental and physical health from such family. Nuclear family is most famous all over the world.

Extended Family

Extended family is a family where a couple live with their parents and other adult person in the family.

This types if family is rare in all part of the world. Extended family is seen in India, Bangladesh and china. In extended family Children grow up with the love of many adult people.

Only parent family

In this type of family only one parent live with her children. It may be men or women who live with the children. Only parent family is made from the divorce or separation of marriage. After divorce if men or women don't remarriage single parent family is create.

Childless family

When a couple don't have any child it called childless family. It may causes for the non expectation of children of spouses.

Blended family

Blended family is formed from the spouses that have been divorced. This type of family is created with the child from the previous family. children face some problem in the time of adjustment with new family members.

Only child family

When a couple have only children it called only child family. Couple choose or choose not to take more than one children that make only child family. Children grow up with love but loanly.

Step family

Step family is create when a divorced person get remarriage. Step family consist of step father or mother with step children.

Grandparent family

When a children living with their grand parents make a grandparent family. It happens for the inability of parents or the death of parents or remarriage of divorced parent.

Lesbian family

When a homosexual parents rear children make gay and lesbian family. They love their children very much.

Adoptive family

When a childless couple adopt children make adoptive family. In this type of family there are no blood connection with the parent and children.

Alal Mahmud
Published (09 October 2016)

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