Harry Potter
Published (03 October 2016)

Html various attributes list | title, img, link, alt command

Html and css color codes and names list

Different types of attribute are used in html to make webpage attractive. For example, Title attribute, Link attribute, Image attribute, Alt attribute etc. One can make webpage title attractive through title attribute. Without it, to add a picture and image attribute is best way. attribute help webpage to get best search engine result.

Html various attributes list | title, img, link, alt command

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Title attribute code

Link attribute code
Alt text

Title attribute:

You can to use any text on mouse hover as a title. You can to type title="any text" into paragraph or heading start command.

Img attribute:

You can to display any image on your webpage by using img attribute. You must be use src="image link" for image displaying. Those are only not enough. You should be controlling image height, weight by using height="specific pixel" and width="specific pixel" into img command.

Link attribute:

Link attribute is very important for webpage. You need to linking with all webpage for visitor moving easily. Also you need to be linking with others website. You can to use target="$_blank" into link command that is best.

Alt attribute:

Alt text is very important for search engine optimization(seo). So you can use alt text into image command.

Code Run:

For result displaying copy this article code and paste into body section in your editor. Then open this editor to any browser. That's it.

Harry Potter
Published (03 October 2016)

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