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Published (31 August 2016)

Top 12 Online Earning Process | make money online

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In the time of information technology many people earn from online. There are many process of earning from online. There are given some source of online earning.

Top 12 Online Earning Process | make money online

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Freelancing online : Freelancing is very interesting way to earn from internet. Most of the people do freelancing for earn from online. One can earn more money from freelancing if he has some qualification.

Without any qualification anyone can earn by freelancing easily. There are many freelancing site all over the world but they may not be good for you. Some freelancing site does not payment for you. Some reliable freelancing site of the world:


email marketing services : E-mail marketing is also a better process of earning from online. You can reach your products to the customer through e-mail. You can also campaign third party’s products for commission.

E mail send is free service that you don’t have any cost. You can collect a lot of e-mail as country from Google by search. Then make this e-mail an xml file. Then upload this file in time of sending email. Some free and reliable email serving site of the world:


Facebook marketing: Facebook is the famous social media of the world. So, a lot of people are engaged with facebook. You can earn by selling your products or service on facebook easily.

There is no cost of selling product on facebook. You can give advertisement on facebook for free response. Or you can do facebook marketing as a commission agent of third parties.

E-book publishing: E-book publishing is a great way of online marketing. You can earn a lot of revenue by publishing e-book.

You should contact with third party for sponsorship. In your e-book you can write about the sponsors products or service. This way you can earn a lot of money.

Blogging: you can blogging in your own blog. If you have enough traffic you can earn a lot of revenue. Then you should apply to Google adsense or any other ads network to earn from your traffic.

Your blog must have enough content to apply for adsense. Adsense choose text very much. Don’t copy others text to your blog. Two famous and free blogging sites are


E-commerce: If you have some investment you can do e-commerce business in online. In e-commerce you can sale your product in your website. Or you can third party’s products in your website with fee. Now a day, it has become more famous. You can also earn from e-commerce.

Counseling: you can earn by counseling on internet. By giving any kinds of suggestion to client you can earn more money. People need do many works in his personal, professional and educational life.

Like one cannot apply in university for admission you can help him. One can not apply for passport you can do this. All of the service is related to counseling. Counseling means solve anyone problem of his daily life.

Micro earning: you can earn from doing micro job. It is so easy that you should not have any experience. Top micro job site is:


Survey earning: survey is another source of online earning. You can earn a lot of money from survey. There are some high profile survey sites in the world that pay a good rate for every survey. By joining in a survey you will get a best payment top survey site in the world.

Affiliate marketing: affiliate product marketing is also a top source of online earning. You can earn from marketing thirds party’s products who allow affiliate program.

If you can sale any product you will get a certain commission from seller. There are many affiliate sites in the world. Top affiliate site is:


Video publishing: you can earn from video publishing. Any kinds of video may become money. You can upload your video on YouTube or dailymotion and earn a great revenue from your video viewers. It is very easy way of earning from online at this time. Top video sharing site is:


Article publishing: Like video publishing you can earn from article writing. You can write educative and useful content and earn a great income. From your published article you can earn forever. Reliable article publishing site that will give you income is:


Md Abir
Published (31 August 2016)

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