Top 5 ecommerce sites in the world | e commerce sites list

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Published (31 August 2016) Amazon .com is the top e-commerce site in the world. People can shopping from as their will. Products are displayed in by category.

Buyer can choose product from from this category like home and kitchen, baby and kids, amazon video , amazon wear house deal, clothing, man dress, women dress, electronics, CD’s, books, mobile phone and may others products. was launched in 5 July 1994 as a public limited company.

Jeff bezos is the owner of is a multinational e-commerce site in the world. The headquarter of is located in Seattle, Washington, united states. applies affiliate marketing technique in their marketing worldwide. People can earn revenue by amazon affiliate service.

Top 5 ecommerce sites in the world | e commerce sites list

Image By Mis Niki is a famous e-commerce site in the world. is remaining the second famous e-commerce site in the world. Products is displayed in into category like fashion, electronics, home and garden, sporting goods, motors and daily deals etc. Pierre omidyar is the founder of founded in September 3, 1995. Headquarter of is located in 2145 Hamilton avenue, San Jose, United States. has affiliate program for marketing their products. They sell their own and third party products. To sell products in one should register on Anyone can earn more money by eBay’s affiliate service.

Walmart is the world s largest retailer departmental store of the world. Walmart is also an e-commerce site in the world. Walmart is a public limited company and founded In 2 july, 1962.

Save money and live better is the slogan of walmart. Walmart has 11534 stores all over the world and a multinational company. Sam Walton was the founder of walmart. is the world’s top e-commerce site that deal with wholesale. Alibaba is the pioneer of international import export business. Alibaba was founded in 1999. Jack ma is the founder of alibaba. The headquarter of alibaba is located in china.

Alibaba served e-commerce worldwide. Alibaba is a public limited company. Alibaba deal with only wholesale business. Customer can sell product in alibaba by a huge annual fee. Alibaba has their own online money transferring system. is one kind of classified sites that give service of buy and sell of any kinds of handmade products. One should register for sell and buy in was founded in 2005 as incorporation. Unique industrial products also sell and buy in

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